Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blog turns three

My thanks to justjennrecipes who shared King's Hawaiian Paradise Cake with us.

Though it is, without question, an extension - or at least an expression - of self, this blog seems to be its own creature. It is an entity. If I were a gardener, I don't suppose I'd think of my garden as part of me but rather something of which I was a steward. Whether it flourished or withered would depend on me. From either perspective, the blog began three years ago today. August 7, 2008. How unfortunate that the word blog sounds so much like blob. I would probably celebrate The Blob's birthday, if I oversaw its development.

For everyone who has ever read a sentence here, thank you. I would like to know you better, to have an opportunity for exchange, yet am grateful if you find something here that has ever caused you to return. To those who volunteered as followers, to those who comment, thank you. Through the words you leave for me, what may appear to be typed letters on a flat screen have, in garden fashion, bloomed into connections, friendships, an awareness of and caring for you, your passions, your well-being.

As an aspect of what I will call senior awareness, I have learned that consistency challenges me. At times, being reliable is a struggle. These are not character traits with which I am happy; they are vexing, to say the least, to whatever parts of me do meet deadlines and keep commitments. That I, and my blog sidekick, have managed to show up here for three years, following a slow and spotty beginning, gives me hope that I can build and sustain a less mercurial identity.

There is a trajectory to this blogging life, one that has the feel of gathering momentum for a destination unknown. The word grace comes closest to naming the wondrous - and free - vehicle I have been given to carry me and my thoughts out into the world. That many of you choose to pile on board and ride back with me exceeds my deepest hopes.

Now, about that Paradise Cake. Blog and I are fools for whipped cream.


Melissa Green said...

Mazel tov, Marylinn. You've 'grown out' a place of substance, of beauty, of tenderness, of wisdom to which those of us who are so moved by such qualities are delighted and grateful to return on a regular basis. What you struggle with is part of what most of us struggle with--and your articulation of our wonderment and worry helps us continue to grow with you, to know that being human has nothing alien in it, that there is at least as much light as there is darkness. Thank you. xo

Radish King said...

Happy Blogday!

Jayne said...

Oh Marylinn- You make me cry--this is so beautiful. The most elegant birthday card ever. Happy 3rd birthday (or is it anniversary?--is the blog birthed by one or married to her?) to you and your Blog. :-)

Wouldn't I love to share that Paradise Cake with you! I can smell it. All right, well, I'm taking a piece, too. ;)

Antares Cryptos said...

Happy Blogaversary.

I'm glad that I have somehow managed to stumble across your blog.

What keeps me coming back is the writing of course and that your posts can lead to many welcome distractions,thoughts, inspiration...

Here's to many more years of writing. And cake.

susan t. landry said...


your thinking processes as shared with us and your lucid writing are treasures. one of the many aspects of your blog that i admire beyond words is that you never take the easy way out.

let's add 3 ever-glowing candles to that dreamy slice of cake!


Hannah Stephenson said...

Very big congratulations! That's wonderful.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Let us all eat cake.

Claire Beynon said...

Dearest Marylinn - your blog is a beacon out here, a lighthouse and place of replenishment and succour. Blessed are we who have found you. . . HAPPY 3rd birthday and beyond and beyond.

Here's a thought. . . you're right about the word 'blog'. It seems like such an odd title; a misfit. We could rearrange the letters, rename our blogs 'Golbs'?

A Golb is close to gold.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Hearty congratulations! We are all enriched and blessed by you presence here in Blogland. Looks like that cake will brighten up the morning marine layer!

beth coyote said...

Happy blogling to you, happy blogling to you....

Long may she reign.


Penelope said...

Glad you're there (and here) Marylinn. Shall now eat my ginger cake in honour of your thriving Bolb.

Anonymous said...

only three?

Your blog dances and skips with the grace of a teenager...

Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope your graceful pen will continue to glide across these digital pages.

Angella Lister said...

Happy blog birthday! Lovely thoughts about this gift, this somehow liberated self that is a blog. Thank you for the wisdom and poetry you share. You always make me think. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

What a fine blog birthday it was. How fortunate I was able to post before the internet connection got the vapors.

Melissa - Thank you. I like the notion that being human has nothing alien in it, most reassuring. It is part of my wonderment that we found one another and that we keep meeting like this. Such a richness of comments...all this and cake, too. xo

Rebecca - Thank you. I find great bloggy, soggy happiness here with all of you. xo

Jayne - Glad you didn't wait for me to enjoy your cake...I was gone longer than expected. Thank you. I wasn't sure either if it was an anniversary or birthday celebration. A strange, unique relationship, bless its little pointed head. xo

Antares-Cryptos - Thank you, and I'm so glad you found your way here. And went on to give birth to/or wed a blog of your own, more visiting back and forth. Enjoy the cake. There are leftovers in the freezer for another day. :D

Marylinn Kelly said...

Susan - Thank you...I take the only route I find and thank you, too, for awareness of it not being the easy way. I am poor at judging such things and touched by your kind words. Please, have another slice of cake. xo

Hannah - Thank you. I am so happy you choose to visit here.

Robert - Yes, and don't be shy about seconds. So pleased that you stopped by.

Claire - I think of a word which is pleasing to speak, to think, like "volume" and blog seems so harsh. I will experiment with "golb" but even the combination of letters feels awkward. Thank you...what a joy and wonder, our washing up in each others' worlds. May the cupboards always be full with room at the table. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - The cake is pure sunshine, isn't it? The bakery isn't quite local but not all that far hope was that perhaps local readers would be so tempted they'd want to have a whole one for themselves. Thank you so much. Yours was among the earliest blogs I read and I know led me to find some of our band mates. xo

Beth - Thank you very much. Again, so grateful for the links and chance meetings that have brought us together.

Penelope - Wise woman, brought her own cake. But we still have plenty. Thank you. Your company adds to any thriving that occurs here.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Denise - If you find grace, dancing or skipping here, I consider the task a success. Thank you. I was surprised to look up and see it had been three years. The speeding up of time, or my inability to grasp its workings make it seem just days ago that I began. So glad that you are here. xo

Laoch - Thank you for such an artful greeting. I am delighted you stopped by. Be sure to take an extra piece of cake for later. I think the whipped cream would appeal to cats.

Angella - I am grateful to you and all who are willing to walk with me as I untie my own knots. There is a liberation, at least a partial unmasking that comes from what we share in our posts, things I may not have known until I wrote them. Thank you, thanks for being here. xo