Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury

We are more than we would have been without you.   You saw so much farther than we could.  Instead of scolding us for being short-sighted, you gave us lenses and maps and velocity.

And the words.

From you we learned the word Martian did not mean little green men but possibility. Our collective desire to claim you as a kindred spirit must have seem crushing at times, yet you never gave half measures. When we gathered up ourselves as the disheveled wandering stars that we are and brought them to your pages, we found a benevolent mirror.

My tears, of sorrow, of loss, are also prompted by eternal wonder for the magic that you were, you are and always will be.   My heart joins those of all who love you.

Read more about Ray Bradbury here.


Rubye Jack said...

I was just out of high school when Farenheit 451 (the movie) came out and served as my introduction to Ray Bradbury. Of course I went on to be a fan for the rest of his and my life.

This is a mighty fine tribute to a very special person Marylinn.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rubye - Thank you. Life-long fandom is not easily won. And try though they do, we STILL have books. Lucky for us, many of them are his. xo

beth coyote said...

His 'Dandelion Wine' was my beautiful magical book.

Anonymous said...

I loved his stories.

All the possibilities of the universe..

Marylinn Kelly said...

Beth - Do we even want to imagine a world without his magic? No. And happily we don't have to. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Denise - Is it ego-centric to feel he is part of my fiber, my core? Such gifts, so lavishly bestowed. xo