Monday, August 19, 2013

Thoughts, prayers and love for all

I feel a need for some focus, reflection this afternoon.  I feel a need to send love to all the corners where it may have worn thin.  It is never as thin as it seems.  With love to all.


Lisa H said...

it always, always helps.
The focusing....and the sending.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Lisa - It does. How can we imagine we - or anyone - would ever have too much? One of the daily necessities - keep the pulse going. xo

T. Clear said...

And back to you, Marylinn. Just what I needed today. (It has indeed worn thin in this corner of the world.)


Marylinn Kelly said...

T. - It feels at times that everything else that comes at us is distraction, that our one true mandate is to keep this flame, this love, always burning for each other. There should be no corner, ever, where it has worn thin, or worse. I'm glad this was here for you today, here for any and all of us. xo

RachelVB said...

I am very late to this party, but it's exactly what I needed - so maybe my tardiness is in the hands of fate?

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rachel - Timing, when we can release it, turns out to be pretty much perfect. Let fate take the wheel. xo