Sunday, February 2, 2014

Myth and the heart

"I think of mythology as a function of biology, a statement of the impulse system of the body and the organs. Not something that's made up in the head. What's made up in the head is a fiction. What comes out of the heart is a myth."

Joseph Campbell, in The Hero's Journey

Until this morning, I thought of my Gloria episodes as fiction.  Now, and not to aggrandize them or the writing of them, I see they may be myth.  I don't make them up, they are not a product of the mind.  They, more or less, appear to me.   The best description I can give is that they - the stories or the characters - have decided I will be their scribe.  That could account for the ongoing and segmented nature of the tale.  I await reports, then pass them along.  It is likely one of my barn full of limiting beliefs that a myth is the work of the great or the gods themselves.  I am still sitting and digesting the possibility that I've been conscripted for such an assignment.  Remarkable, the way a label can change our perception of something that was ordinary, of human proportion, when called fiction but becomes so much more weighty with overtones of significance when called myth.  Continuing to think of it simply as a story will, I hope, keep me from turning something I have come to love as much as anything I've ever done into a daunting, responsibility-laden task.  Be careful what you read.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Not to resort to cliche - but Gloria and the Cove as myth? That could explain a lot. That feeling when we read the posts that there's always something more just off the page, around the bend, slightly hidden from view. I think this is a brilliant insight on your part.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - The more I sit with the idea (and my first-time reading of WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES), it seems possible. The ocean, cooking (which to me is alchemy), serendipitous events - it could be myth. Thank you. We can thank Joseph Campbell for pointing it out. I suppose I can take credit for noticing the light bulb. They have always brought magic, why would I be surprised? xo