Friday, May 30, 2014

Men of La Mancha

Referred to as a "serigraph after Picasso."
Certain days our inner Don Quixote can no longer stay silent or remain still.  He must ride forth.  Let the heathens and wizards and servants of sin beware.

To the general corporate behemoth, we are children to be pushed and bullied, brow-beaten, frightened and dissuaded from speech or action.  Customer help numbers for on-line services are printed with a digit missing so no call can go through.  Bold-face text warns there is no refund, no recourse, no hope of fair play in extreme situations.

But sometimes one knight will meet another, one dreamer or good-doer is impossibly matched across the miles - from Los Angeles to New Delhi - with another and what was carved in stone as irrevocable international policy crumbles before the combined might of those who will not let "no" be the only answer.

As Richard Kiley's voice played in my head and I sang to myself, I thought of so many of you whose blogs I read, whose stories I know in which what is not right or just or humane dominates the landscape, at times dims the sun.  What a model Cervantes has left us.  However often or seldom we unfurl our banners, sing ourselves into foolish hopefulness or what-the-hell courage, we do not need to carve the path.  It has been done for us, the way shown.  Virtue shall triumph at last.  I hold that thought.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

We've actually had several positive experiences with tech support - real people, who have listened to our problems and done work-arounds to get us the answers and help we need. One gentleman in India said "you know I have to read you this script-but when I an finished we can get down to business, find out your problem and fix it!" And one call like this helps make up for several frustrating ones.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - I, too, recently had such an experience when AOL and other email providers had been hacked and ugly spam was flying all over the planet. Reaching, at last, the final tech stop, I received an honest answer and helpful suggestions. The men of La Mancha herein achieved nothing short of an impossibility. It was a good morning. xo