Monday, May 11, 2015

Word of the Week - 62

Word of the Week:  REWRITE

A rewrite is as good as a do-over.  It gives a nod of assent to changing our mind.  Oh, yes, this IS better than that.

Perception may be 100% of any situation, which becomes something new when we can see it differently.  Anxiety is the lurking vortex, not quite invisible from the corner of the eye, its loud slurping reminding that fear and worry, even despair are always available choices.  We don't have to take that road.

Sunday morning, ordinary life challenges, the option of lapsing into hand-wringing and full-on dither.  Or, finding a way to do what absolutely has to be done in the moment and simply assuming that all will be well.  Not my job to know how, my only job is to trust, listen to what wisdom guides me and be honestly cheerful.  There have been countless challenges and I'm still here. 

Nor can we change the past, only the way we view it.  Even if it has felt like a nightmare for decades, responsible, or so we imagine, for ruining our lives, we can assign it a new role, reinterpret its influence, thank it for the unlikely gift of helping us become who we are.  Darkness and pain are not what the universe of my understanding wishes for me, though I haven't always known that.  Illumination, gratitude, peace and joy are what I prefer.  Raise your copy pencils, change the story.   We are not too old to learn new tricks. 


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Kass - Returning unacceptable dishes to the kitchen. Or something like it. Thank you for the AMEN. xo