Saturday, October 24, 2015

Episode 4: The sisters creep up on Halloween

Photo found by Ambulancia at the second-hand shop.

"Tell me this isn't us," Ambulancia demanded with a hiss once the sisters were back in their room.  "That's you, your I-just-got-away-with-murder demure smile."

Sireena took just a moment, swallowed, before saying, "It kind of scares me, in a good way.  They look just like us."  When she said, "In a good way," she gave a short cough to cover up nervousness.  Oh, it scared her.  And not in a good way, yet it was okay.  "Are we ghosts?" she asked.  "I mean, us, now.  Is that who we used to be?"

"Don't be such a duck," said Ambulancia scornfully.  "What a find!  We'll have to start our costumes all over again."

"What about our tiaras?" asked a somewhat down-hearted Sireena, who had become very fond of her bridesmaid/prom girl ensemble.  "I was looking forward to being faded pretty."

"I know," Ambulancia told her.  "Let's wear them the last day before Christmas vacation.  We'll say we thought it was a party day.  And no one else will be in costume.  All for us." At which they both smirked and muttered, "Heh heh."

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