Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ink, glorious ink

Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pens - Fine Nib
In my fiction pages this morning, a character discovers her fountain pen is missing, has obviously been taken.  She offers as proof the ink stain on her middle finger, which she describes as unavoidable, one of the joys/pitfalls of writing with actual liquid ink.  In case you don't know about Jet Pens, they are heaven-on-earth for kids like us, the writing and drawing fanatics, nerds, collectors and glorified doodlers.  Not that I necessarily imagine reading a letter written in glowing Apricot Orange would be easy on the eyes, I am still captivated by it with lust in my heart.  I plan to order at least a few of these before the sun sets.  We can let our dancing fingers go wild here.

In the realm of making one's mark, Rubbermoon Stamps is preparing to introduce a new line of stamps and, for the first time, stencils, all of a Mid-Century Modern persuasion.  They are not yet available through the website and will probably first be offered through etsy.  A visit there now will not be time ill spent.
Rubbermoon sample, stamps and stencils by Kristen Powers using new products.
Had I not had a live-in tutor, my son, I might never have learned how to do even the limited things I do with a computer.  Pencils, ink and paper have called to me all my life.  Their voices have not become muted as another form occupies my time.  If anything, as the choices expand, so does the desire for them.  Such simple bliss, going back to drawing with a stick in dirt or wet sand.  None of it will last forever or even come close.  We get to make our marks.  For the moment, it is enough.

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