Saturday, April 20, 2013

Martin Espada for National Poetry Month

Welcome the the final third of National Poetry Month. This year's poster from the Academy of American Poets celebrates two of my wonders/joys: correspondence and poetry.

A friend's gift book, discovered through hearing an interview on NPR, introduced me to Martin Espada, whose collection, The Trouble Ball, won the 2012 Milt Kessler Award and a 2012 International Latino Book Award.  Treat yourself to something nice.  It is a holiday month and you deserve it regardless.

  for Sam Hamill

Let the blasphemy be spoken: poetry can save us,
not the way a fisherman pulls the drowning swimmer
into his boat, nor the way Jesus, between screams,
promised life everlasting to the thief crucified beside him
on the hill, but salvation nevertheless.

Somewhere a convict sobs into a book of poems
from the prison library, and I know why
his hands are careful not to break the brittle pages.

Martin Espada


Rubye Jack said...

Oh god, that is heart breaking.
Thanks for sharing this guy. I will look for him at the library tomorrow.
Are you hip to Sherman Alexi? I saw him last week on Bill Moyers. His poetry is also very soul searching and rather raw.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rubye - Thank you for letting me know about Sherman Alexie. I've just read some of his poems and will look for others. Our widening circles make me happy and hopeful. xo