Saturday, May 18, 2013

Psssssst, this is your intuition

When intuition speaks - or elbows, points, jabs, shrieks or shoves - we are wise to listen.

This morning It/She was talking to me or more like dropping one envelope on my desk at a time, not a stack of mail to be gotten through.  A message to be digested, followed by another.  I made peace long ago with being or appearing to be a fool and as such would rather act on what I trust is intuition or some form of higher wisdom and be wrong than ignore it and be really wrong.

I am not entirely delusional and I don't think the moon talks to me but that is the image that sometimes presents itself to my often visual mind.  Perhaps it is an illustration I will one day create.  I assume it is about what the moon represents in this and other cultures, in fiction and fantasy, in our imaginations.  Withdrawn in shadow or filling our sight when it seems so close, our nearest celestial body, our satellite, our once-urgent destination, I can suspend disbelief and picture it with secrets to be whispered.  Assignments, suggestions, grainy moonseeds of possibility. 

Intuition speaks in a never-identified voice but once heard is known ever after.  Benevolent - not feigning well-meant intentions like friends and family members who tell us things "for our own good" - honest, clear though not always fathomable or matching anything we've known before that moment, reliable and putting its trust, the trust of, say, the cosmos, in us to listen and act without dithering and asking pointless questions that would not, in any event, be answered.

In California, recently arrived invitee at the Powerball Lottery party, the betting types are, according to news reports, hitching their hopes to a portion of approximately 600 million dollars.  For no money whatsoever, we can sit still for as long as it takes, quiet our minds, learn to recognize intuition when it summons us, accept that its guidance may not make sense - it IS much wiser than we - and take the indicated step.  It might even suggest buying a Powerball ticket.  If it does, whew.  Some guys have all the luck.


Lisa H said...

Intuition. You made me realize that she's a little more complicated than we thought. Isn't everything? Your wise words fill me.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Lisa - Maybe more complicated or maybe simpler than we thought. In a world of flip-floppery, she stands pretty steady. xo