Sunday, June 28, 2015

Keep on rockin

Mick and the boys in the band, 2013.
A song I've shared before, perhaps more than once, that my head was singing to me when I awoke.  My favorite line (guess which it is) told me what I wanted to say here today.  (Update:  The original of "Anchorage" as sung by its writer Michelle Shocked seems no longer to exist.  This cover, by Mary McCarthy, about whom I could find no solid information, was my favorite.  Some good male covers, but I preferred a woman's voice.)

I digress.  Keep on rockin is the thread.  A brief news clip of Mick Jagger on stage last night, his signature moves seemingly unimpaired, fit perfectly.  This is just a succession of shouts-out to the undaunted.

To Mike and Emmanuel who compose, play, sing and help keep civilization afloat.

To Emma and Nanci, to Melissa, Sherry, Claire and Claire, Rebecca, T., Susan, Charlotte, Lisa, Michelle, Lynne, Sarah, Debra, Kristen, Kass, Karen, Elizabeth, Erin, Margot, Jean, Laurie and Laurie, Jay, Suzie, Dana, Ted, Randy, Joan, Marta and Marta, Sylvia, Cara, Lucas, Micah, Harris. by whose hands and hearts and minds we are saved from slipping into darkness, at which we somehow continue to laugh.

To all for whom chronic illness has been an inconvenience yet not a permanent deterrent.  To all whose words, images and forms provide nourishing beauty, encouraging wisdom.  To any whose names have, for the moment, eluded my memory - there are likely many - forgive me.  I love you and know that, because you all keep on rockin, so do I.

If anyone was wondering, there ARE plans and more in the works for new RubberMoon stamp designs.  The ever-discovering, highly persuasive Lisa Hoffman and I, along with Kristen Powers, are definitely up to something and will share when everything is real.  Meanwhile, a new cat postcard that makes me happy.

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