Monday, June 1, 2015

Word of the Week - 65

Word of the Week:  JUNE

Its arrival has signaled celebrations for many Father's Days (gifts for which were once a roll of wintergreen Life Savers or pack of Gillette razor blades), for graduations.  It launched decades of vacations and once allowed the sun to warm a backyard hippie sort of wedding.  Among my friends and one relative it is now mostly birthday month.

I wish infinite good in all things to Ted, Joan, Claire, Randy and Carroll.  Because silly seemed to be in the air today, I share what might be a spirit creature for each in toy form.  Yes, I could Google toys all day.
The World Wildlife Federation offers adoption papers for their Three-toed Sloth, for Carroll.

For Claire, with a nod to her recent adventures, the Iguana marionette from Folkmanis Puppets.

The Folkmanis Puppets Golden Retriever for Ted.

For Randy, from Big Furry Friends, his retirement Doberman.

For Joan, a vintage Steiff cow on wheels.

Happy Birthday, dear chums and cousin. Happy June. Summer throws open its doors. Let's take our shoes off before we start to run.

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