Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas coloring started. Yes. It's true.

Christmas coloring (RubberMoon mk962) begun before the middle of November, postcard art uploaded and cards on their way.  A world of wonder.

A reminder that RubberMoon is an angel company, which means if you are using our stamps on products for sale, they must be individually hand stamped.  However, if what you are making is for your own use or as gifts, not profit, the images may be reproduced.  Meaning you can make cards, tags, stickers and such with color copies of your stamping art.  There, don't you feel less stressed already?

Remember that the fabulous Claudia Rose joined the family not long ago.  Her images are pure delight and stamps make such lovely presents.  Every single RubberMoon artist has designs that will speak to your heart.  As you sip your favorite autumn beverage, give yourself the treat of wandering through the catalog.  And remember, there are classes and art supplies, too.  Visit us on Facebook, like the page and sign up for notifications.

Stay tuned, this could be a very RubberyMoony Christmas.

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