Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Backstory - Button Bunny

Button Bunny, as he is called, may appear as a rather lumpily-shaped freehand drawing, a stamped image, a stuffed creature or any one of his many incarnations. He prefers to be depicted as yellow.

He has taken two or three voyages as a foot-tall, pencil-colored cut-out made of very heavy, hot press watercolor paper, illustrated front and back, glued together (with a backpack that opens), to be auctioned in the annual Postmarked exhibit and fund-raiser in Claremont, CA. (This year's donations appear in the postings for Feb. 25, "Postmarked 2010," and March 1, "Let the sun shine.")

B.B. was inspired by the story of a childhood toy belonging to my friend Claire. He came to life around Christmas a little more than two years ago and continues to evolve. The image shown here is a postcard on corrugated cardboard and the wish to have it done quickly accounts for his less than perfect figure. Otherwise, he is more handsomely proportioned.

In smaller form he may be found here in the "Escape from the Toybox" stamp set from the Unusual Suspects collection. His set, which contains two companions, serves as my avatar on this blog and on Facebook. Let's declare what remains of May as Meet Your Rubberstamps Month.


Donna B said...

Love the bunny...he is the same yellow one in your trio on your profile, right? So cute. I really like your drawings. Still recooperating...but hope to get my energy back soon...

Soggy Dog Studios said...

I LoVe Button Bunny! xox - Kim