Tuesday, May 11, 2010


With a respectful nod to Seth Apter's celebration of "True Colors" on The Altered Page this week, it seemed fitting to sling some color around in this vicinity. The piece shown here, created on glossy card stock with Tria markers, black Sharpie pens in fine and ultra fine, is intended to be photocopied, then cut - or torn - for use as borders in journals, cards, ATCs, collages. On the high gloss paper, the marker colors are particularly vivid and create the appearance of having been printed rather than drawn. This was one of the samples shown at the Journal Improv demo Lisa Hoffman and I presented last Saturday. She spoke of keeping a number of journals open and available, mentioning that it could be handy to keep one by the phone for doodling. From now on, I'll have glossy paper and a Sharpie or two near my phone...why waste those shapes and squiggles on the back of an envelope?


Seth said...

So full of color and so full of life. And what a great idea Lisa had -- to make those random phone doodles into art.

Household removals Australia said...

That is a delicious creation. Your work is so varied but distintively yours. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

decorators fabric said...

Lovely post and photograph. I love the textures and colors of your work. You have such a talent.

Anonymous said...

good idea, especilly for the


like me.