Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you, HP

This morning, having discovered that I somehow (don't ask, I have no answer) ordered the wrong ink cartridges for our newer HP printer/copier, I called the HP Home & Home Office Store to see if I could arrange a return/exchange. I anticipated that I would have to wait while the first cartridges (which are the correct ones for our older printer) got back to HP, then have the paper work processed, then watch the skies for the replacement arrival. My mood was cranky, because this was my error, because I wanted the color cartridge now, and because it felt as though forward momentum on projects with deadlines had come to a skidding halt. Oh, exquisite surprise.

The short version is this: correct replacement cartridges were on their way, I was to keep the ones ordered in error which were nonetheless useful, there was no charge, there was no difficulty. I am not enamored of ordering products on line; I am an old-fashioned type who likes to speak with a human. For this reason, if an on-line ordering site offers the choice of telephone ordering, I pick that. Last week, by talking with an actual person at Dick Blick, I was able to find out about and arrange for speedy delivery of needed materials. Today with HP Home & Home Office, I received service that surpassed anything I could have anticipated and I wanted to share that information and give thanks to customer service agent Kelly for bringing gladness back to my morning. There was a survey following the business of my call, which I had already agreed to take, and I had the chance to leave a voice message expressing my appreciation.

My experiences with customer service representatives around the world, for many of them are certainly working from distant sites, have been studies in patience and generosity...fees waived, that sort of thing. HP, however, so greatly exceeded my expectations - added to the fact that by ordering from them there are no shipping fees and delivery is next business day - that I felt sharing the story with others was my duty. There are signs all around us - and if you read these postings you know I am vigilant in my search for them - that remind us we stand beneath a shower of continual benevolence. I may need to add a subtitle to this blog, for how often the theme appears: There are no small blessings.

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