Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How did I not know about Damien Rice?

It is not that I've been living a troll's existence, burrowed under a rock or covered by fallen leaves among the tree roots. It is just that somehow I've missed learning about things well known to millions of others. One of these is Damien Rice.

The other part of this phenomenon is that I find them in places that, if told, will expose me as one among many, a person of ordinary tastes and preferences (within reason), something I've been aware of for years.  Long ago I abandoned any hope of elitism, soaring sophistication.  If it provided a life-sustaining diet, I might be happy with candy corn and Cheetos. Our orange food groups are so under-rated.

Several weeks ago we began watching ALIAS on Netflix, never having seen even one of its 105 episodes. Being able to rely on a series that would not be cancelled after a single season, as were TERRIERS, RUBICON and AWAKE, nor be limited to a season of 3 BBC episodes like SHERLOCK HOLMES, gave us something to anticipate for the longer haul. That we may not last for all of them still leaves it as our choice. So far, we continue, though the words "Rambaldi artifact" have come to flavor many of our conversations and there is a frequent willing suspension of disbelief. Still. We are now in Season 3 and I finally checked to learn about a song from Epsiode 12, having heard other music I liked and couldn't identify but doing nothing about it until now. In the aftermath of Sandy's destruction and with the fate of the free world hanging in the balance as our election approaches, I am not confused about how trivial this must seem, of what little importance. However, I recognize that my life has a soundtrack, that I return again and again to music that plays in my head and when I am able to expand that library, I know it to be a gift. Thank you, ALIAS, for Damien Rice.


Antares Cryptos said...

I enjoyed that show, light and entertaining.
A little forgettable, but you found Rice.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Antares - We are enjoying it also and can see hints of future J.J. Abrams projects (the Harvard scientist and his brain experiments). It's not FRINGE, and it's not bad. And I will go back through the lists of music and see who else I find. I trust you are well. xo

T. Clear said...

Marylinn, I thought you might like this guy:

Let me know.


Marylinn Kelly said...

T. - Thank you. Another happy find. His voice, on this song anyway, reminds me a bit of Anthony (seen in the Leonard Cohen doc "I'm Your Man.") Always glad for new voices. xo

Jayne said...

Marylinn- I'm not familiar with any of those shows! But Damien--he's adorable. I wouldn't mind adding him to my soundtrack, as well. ;)

(I really ought to make use of my Netflix account. :/)

Marylinn Kelly said...

Jayne - All of the series I mentioned lasted just one season. RUBICON - creepy spy agency. TERRIERS - marginalized guys being private detectives. AWAKE - is it real or is he crazy, good mystery that they wrapped up (too simply for me) to end the series. All very good. And Damien, yes, a good addition to the soundtrack. xo