Saturday, October 20, 2012

Say yes to dancing stars

Corita Kent's art, Friedrich Nietzsche's quote
“Our lives unfold in ways that we cannot fathom beforehand. That condition of not knowing produces a sense of wonder and openness to what may come.”  Roger Housden

(The Housden quote is from an audio series called Teaching What We Need to Learn, hosted by Raphael Cushnir.  As of Oct. 16, the programs were still available for listening or downloading here.  The link will take you directly to the recorded talks but there you will find a link to the HOME page which will give you more context.)

As evidence, which I gather on all topics because it seems wise to have as much proof as one can amass, on the morning I began writing this I found a link on FB to a new Pema Chodron title about change and uncertainty, obvious indicators of chaos.

If we are dancing stars born from chaos, then it really IS all physics, which I had begun to suspect.  But in a human and not a celestial body, as sentient beings, comfort and the awareness of chaos make difficult playmates.  Being part of a naturally-occuring process does not quarantee a quiet mind.

However, chaos as an antonym for complacency and not comfort takes on the aspect of quest, seeking/seeker, more of my favorite metaphoric rocket fuel to propel us beyond settling, being stuck.  We all know the water needs to boil to cook the noodles.

We churn, suffer our gastric juices.  We yearn and fidget, dream and try to foresee how we might map our lives as dancing stars, knowing we have not been endowed with such vision.  We reread the contract, looking for the loophole that permits explosive miracles to be born from tranquility, a sure passage to our hopes of greatness without the need for volcanic shenanigans.  Chaos, what an unexpected new best friend.


Rubye Jack said...

I've always loved chaos in spite of the inherent madness. Nature really never is tranquil but often seems to be so. As I grow older, I find myself happier with a quiet day of nothing though.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rubye - I can't say I've always LOVED chaos - I think being able to know the difference between authentic chaos and manufactured uproar and drama helps. How could any birth process not involve eruption - I remember time-lapse films in botany class. AND I am very happy with a quiet day, especially if a few bright thoughts arrive on silent wings. xo