Monday, July 14, 2014

Sandy Mastroni's highly expressive faces

Sandy Mastroni's cavalcade of characters peers back at us from dolls, paintings, pillows, painted wooden cut outs. Their unique looks (as in, she gave me such a look!) dazzle on a Flickr site. One after the other they ask politely or hiss in a fashion best called sinister that we need to give them good homes. Fortunately that has already happened for most of them.
Cat doll by Sandy Mastroni.
Brother and sister, special request dolls, Sandy Mastroni.
"Rupert's First Birthday," by Sandy Mastroni.
Painted wooden cut-out by Sandy Mastroni.
On her blog Sandy writes, "My work is considered as Contemporary Folk Art or sometimes as outsider art. One of my paintings is in the permanent collection of The Hurn Museum of Contemporary Folk Art in Georgia. My paintings have appeared in Raw Vision magazine and Folk Art messenger magazine ."  From time to time on her posts she mentions working with a scroll saw.  I appreciate skills, especially with power tools which intimidate me.  I will not presume to put any labels on such imaginative, unique entities, other than to say I believe they would be quite at home with any of Ray Bradbury inventions, or Mr. Bradbury himself, no stranger to the non-ordinary.


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Rebecca - Thank you. Isn't her work fabulous? xo