Sunday, July 20, 2014

When Kasey Chambers met The Sopranos and other musical delights

As my son had never seen the first three seasons of The Sopranos, I'd only seen each episode once and the whole series was being shown free on his Amazon Prime, we're watching it most nights.

I'd forgotten what a choice job they did of matching music to circumstances.  At the end of Episode 8, Season 3, came what I discovered is "The Captain," by Kasey Chambers.

In the way one thing anywhere on the interwebs leads to another came her duet with Ashleigh Dallas on "I'll Fly Away,"

which, in turn, brought me to Ms. Dallas' version of "Across the Great Divide," and I won't deny it gives me chills, as does her violin on the previous song.  I am a fool for harmony and a fiddle.

Here is another version of the late Kate Wolf's "Across the Great Divide," by Nanci Griffith from her tribute album, "Other Voices, Other Rooms," this time with Emmylou Harris and guitarists from Kate Wolf's band.  Some days, all we need is a whole lot of music and maybe a cookie, of the thin, Meyer lemon sort, from Trader Joe's.


Elizabeth said...

I love all of these clips and totally envy anyone who gets to watch the Sopranos for the first time, particularly that first season.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elizabeth - It was almost like seeing it for the first time. I had no idea it debuted 15 years ago. How does that happen? The music got hold of me and I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos. I have printed out the ukulele chords for Across the Great Divide - I began learning to play in June during a visit from my musician/music teacher brother and I sing happily and probably not too well. Yes, too much information I'm sure. xo