Saturday, February 28, 2015

Alphabet stamps for the un-shy

Borrowed logo.
Wee little fonts have their place.  I have a set of uppercase serif alphabet stamps no larger than typewriter type and, as they are no longer to be found, I treasure it.  At the same time, I am a fan of more outspoken letter forms, especially when they can be embellished.
Geeky font folks, we know what he means.
As I was thinking this week of planners, notebooks and all the design elements we like to add thereto, I was, as you may imagine, thinking of alphabet stamps.  The ones that lept to mind, however, were not the tiny, take-up-no-room-on-the-page appropriately sized ones, but a joyful jumbo unmounted set from my homegirls at RubberMoon.
Ta-da!  The chunky kids alphabet & numbers unmounted full sheet, designed by Debra Valoff.

This is an alphabet (with numbers) we can doodle upon, in great detail.  Stamp fun, pen fun, all in one place.  They are so loveable we may want to use them on our planner pages in all their bold bigness, we'll just write the other stuff smaller.  The sheet size is 8" x 10 1/2", which gives you an idea of the letter size.

An alphabet for our outdoor voices, our most brilliant ideas, our emphatic praise (or complaints), these are the letters we want once we've committed to being, truly, vast and brilliant.


Sylvia Hines said...

Ah yes, an alphabet for those of us who grew up (in the days before "inside voices") hearing: "Shush...your voice carries!" Yes, yes it DOES--hallelujah!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Sylvia - Loud and proud. Or as a friend asks, "Why be ordinary?" I still think of "inside voices" as what we used in the library and I was a quiet child. Sing out! xo

Barbara said...

Oh I love alphabet sets. More than a few years ago, back when I did a lot of stamping, I was so enamored of alphabet sets, I think I must have...well, more than 50, less than 100 sets of them. Yikes. Oh, good old Rubber Moon, how fun to look through their catalogs, all the stamps had a key to the artist that designed them. Hmmm..most of mine have mk in front of the number!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Barbara - Big alphabet fan here, too. I think my treasures are the Graven Images wooden box of hand-done (then reproduced) letters and numbers and the few sets I have of Standard Peg Alphabets, no longer available on the planet. They were not inexpensive back in the 80s when I got them, but should have gotten every size, letters and numbers. *kicks self* You must have quite a collection, as do I, though not in that quantity. When they started coming out with the foam sets, one could go a little more nuts for not much money. Thank you for your RubberMoon support, for enjoying my designs. They are like old friends or kin. xo