Monday, March 2, 2015

Word of the Week - 52

The first year milestone for WotW on the blog, so I'm giving myself the nod for consistency.  Hey.  Now, on to important matters.
Beloved felted creatures from Celestine and the Hare.
Word of the Week:  NARRATIVE

noun, 1. a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.
In the land of narrative, I have a new hero.  Her name is Karin, artist/proprietor at Celestine and the Hare.  She not only creates the most heartful, soulful felted creatures in her shed in Wales, she narrates (and shows in photos and videos) the goings-on in her world.  It is a place of humor, magic and fantasy which, given a choice, I would prefer to inhabit.  We have the option of residence in both worlds, for reality does at times demand our presence, by keeping up with daily reports from the shed and environs via Karin's Facebook page.

Even though it was a scant few months ago that I first discovered the wonders of those who "Live Norty" and "Swear Like a Panda," I don't remember exactly how I first encountered this delightful realm.  It was not long before Christmas, that much I know.  My sister and I laughed often over the carryings-on of, in particular, the norty (translate: naughty) weasels who are choklit-obsessed and exceedingly norty where choklit is concerned, and others such as Mary and Emily bear.  Here is a  sample post:

Original text from Celestine and the Hare, Feb. 26, 2015:

"Ooops I posted the wrong photo in my relief! Trying again
"Oh Little Panda we were SO worried about you. Why didn't you tell someone where you were going? We didn't dare tell anyone that we didn't know where you were as they would have all been so worried too"
"I told Baby Weasus to tell you..."
"But she's only a baby and such a scatter brain and she forgot and we were so worried and we had posters made and Jackie looking there and us looking here and we were so worried. You were gone such a long time! Where were you?"
"Well, you see I got a story out of Emily's library called the Elves and the Shoemaker and I did love it and I saw that Jackie was really really busy trying to do lots of colouring in for her book and write a new book too and she works ever so ever so hard and well I thought I was getting quite good at colouring in as I've been practising lots and lots and she said you need 10000 hours to get ok at something and I"ve not done it that long yet but I thought I could help a little bit here and there with the bits in the corners and sorting the paints out and changing the water and I make nice hot choklit so I thought I'd stay a little bit longer and help her just a little bit with the bits that no one would notice like the elves did with the shoes. So I told baby weasus to tell you I was staying a bit longer and would come home soon. But then I didn't realise how far it was from her house to here cos I was having a nap in the car so I got on my spacehopper and bounced home on it but it was night time by the time I got here and the shed was locked and everyone was asleep so I went into the car instead and snuggled down under the blanket on the floor of the car for the night but then in the morning she got up and drove me to the car doctors before I could get up and say and then they kept the car for aaaages cos of a light that what going on but it was ok cos the nice mechanic gave me some of his sandwiches and they have this machine where you can make hot choklit so I did that and there are loads of biscuits there in funny little packets of two which is odd cos why would anyone want only 2 biscuits so I ate all of them and then snuggled down for the night and in the morning the nice man put me in the cup holder after he had cleaned up the car and all the biscuit crumbs so she would see me when she came to get the car and here I am. And there's my space hopper too eh baby weasus?"
"oh oh Emily I remember!! Panda said he was staying a bit long er and it was a sekrit and not to worry!""
If Facebook will cooperate, follow the Celestine posts back to the beginning of December to become familiar with all the references, for example Baby Weasus is a small weasel from a highly innovative re-enactment of the Nativity story.  Each post charms me, as do the videos and photos, and I hope you will have a similar response.
The telling and inhabiting of our stories can influence the direction of our lives.  We can bring the magic of which we are made to ordinary matters, transforming our thoughts, our circumstances, our futures.  Because Karin so clearly exemplifies how we are enriched, entertained, softened, ensorcelled and brightened by the telling of extraordinary events, "true or fiction," I wanted to introduce her to any not yet familiar with her wide definition of art.
"What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit." ~John Updike
My own Norty Weasel, Gareth, greeted with choklit when he arrived as a birthday gift from my sister and brother-in-law.


Radish King said...

Happy Birthday! Those felted animals just are so ancient and fabled and lovely.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rebecca - They are all of that, bursting with love and personality. She is a master of the craft. And thank you. All the creatures here know your name. xo