Friday, March 20, 2015

Space and time

For the times we feel idle, when it seems that we give no evidence of forward momentum, I think how greatly we undervalue the fact that we are passengers, astronauts by loose definition, who each year travel around the sun. A year's journey of 583 million miles at roughly 67,062 miles per hour is but a pinch of the 225,000 to 250,000 year voyage our solar system makes around the Milky Way galaxy.  Idle?  Hardly.  I bless gravity, not always my best friend, for without it all our energy would go into just holding on.  Instead we have so many other options, too often forgetting that the not-simple act of being needs to rank high on the list.

We fret and wonder, have we wasted our gifts, resources, time, love on the way to this moment?  It seems to me that life is a cumulative business, no parts can be discarded as lost or misspent for they all contribute, minute by minute, to who and what we are today, adding themselves to who and what we will be tomorrow.  It is all experience, opportunity for learning, making adjustments, altering and evolving.  Energy is not intended to be frittered on regret.  The knots into which we can tie ourselves over the mistakes, the seemingly grievous errors of our pasts, hobble us.  I believe each moment is the chance for a new beginning, one of the reasons why New Year's resolutions have never held much appeal.  Time and space, the next moment, the entire solar system, what an adventure.  I hope we are all gentle and patient with ourselves today, our dance cards are very full.
Vintage dance card.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Mistakes - in the past, things that "might happen", in the future. What we have is now - this precious day, precious moment and I've learned that that is enough.
Love the dance card by the way - does anyone younger than us even know what they are?!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - This moment, this drawn breath, really is all and is enough. I wondered, and probably answered my own question, about dance cards. Their use pretty much pre-dated me/us but we do know what they are. I hope younger people still watch old movies. xo

Sylvia Hines said...

Love the "we are all passengers"...helps give permission to the times for stopping, resting, breathing deeply...taking it all in. Thank you, my friend, for your wonderful cup of cool water wisdom.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Sylvia - Thank you. Some time ago I chose Ferdinand the Bull as my icon and mentor. There is too much, way too much, that lures us away from ourselves, our true pace, our true purpose. Set for a spell, my friend. xo