Thursday, March 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, James Taylor

Thinking of 1970, release date for "Sweet Baby James."  Time flies.
His bio says James Taylor was born March 12, 1948.  That means when I listened to this album at 25 he was a youthful 22.  And had created this.

I am thankful that music and poetry do not require us to explain why we are touched.  The phrase "galvanic skin response" is as close as I come in words to saying how I am moved by the ineffable.  Some things simply are.

"Hard Times Come Again No More" included on this CD.


Elizabeth said...

I went to UNC Chapel Hill and heard James Taylor there a number of times. When he sang "In My Mind I'm going to Carolina," it was just electric. And I, too, love that YoYo Ma collaboration. I agree with you that music is truly sublime.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elizabeth - I never saw him on stage but I can imagine. And the combination of musicians and instruments, voice included, I find so moving. I'm pretty sure I've shared these at some point over the years but we do come back to what we love best, don't we? xo