Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Beginning

August 7, 2008

For anyone who finds this, it is a week (as they all are) of blessings, one of them being that I discovered press releases when I googled myself, trying to see about having this blog be one of the google entries so readers can be sent here. A new line of clear polymer rubber stamps sets based on drawings of mine is in production by Stampington and Co., due to be released this month, and marketing director Sarah Meehan prepared and distributed (who knew there were so many on-line public relations sites?) a press release - oddly, one of my previous careers - with information about the stamp sets and the fact that each set will include detailed instructions for working with color pencils, assisting customers in duplicating the color samples.

It is also a week when the reminders are all around me that we are here to offer support, comfort, cheer - whatever useful things we bring to the table - to one another. As friends have taught me, one of the most significant gifts we have to offer is our witness, that we can hear and affirm each others' experiences. Sometimes the fact that someone listens is enough.


Karen Mireau, Founder of Bio.Graphia said...


What a lovely beginning! I can only imagine what great gleanings will be channeled here.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!



inge said...

welcome in the blogging world !

It makes the big world a better place and a lot smaller !

Inge from belgium

sf said...

I so look forward to seeing the new stamps. . .