Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you, Followers

Today you may notice a "Followers" gadget added to this blog. By including it, I hope to express appreciation for regular readers and invite others to join this group. I realize there are also frequent visitors who let me know of their presence by leaving meaningful comments, words which encourage and affirm. I admit to learning by tiny increments the ways of the blogging world and have made this change, which I trust is for the better, to make it easier for those who return to this page to know when a new posting appears...if that is what the Follower gadget does. We will find out together. My thanks to all who stop here, with or without commenting. Please know that your messages are welcomed, as are your unannounced arrivals.

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Donna B. said...

Hi Marylinn. My sister used to work for, but is still good friends with the owner of STAMP YOUR HEART OUT in the Claremont Village. My sister and several friends are big stampers and card makers. If you go to my blog, under Happiness and Sweet Award, please go to my sister Holly's blog Allison Wonderland and to my friend dianne at Just Mousing Around. Thanks for contributing to my blog.