Monday, June 14, 2010


The first glimpse of the infinite is never forgotten. Girl Scout camp with seasoned troopers who volunteered us for a wilderness site. I had only been there for weekends in reasonably snug shelters. Shelters with raised sleeping spaces, but also with roofs. Less likely that creatures would make slithery welcome when you tucked your feet into the bedroll but no clear view of the sky.

With our beds on the ground in an open mountain meadow, we four venturesome fools (three willing participants, one dubious foot-dragger) found sleep remote as we became lost in the Milky Way's expanse, which seemed to touch the horizons. The Griffith Park Planetarium is no preparation for the truth, which is that we are truly aswim in this ribbon of stars. Welcome to your galaxy, around which our solar system will complete its orbit in roughly 200 to 250 million years. Enjoy your flight.


Anonymous said...

We camped out regularly

as a kid,

nothing beats woodsmoke,
air and sleeping out..

Radish King said...

Little gives me such joy as a writer who knows how to write about place. Richard Hugo should kiss your little toes.

Robert the Skeptic said...

It's sad for me to realize that there exist people who live in cities who have never seen the stars at night UNLESS they have gone to a planetarium. I wish more could have the experience of seeing the expanse of the night sky first hand.

Penny said...

The flight is exhilarating. Just keep the seatbelt fastened and like a good Girl Scout be prepared for Black Holes.
Oh I do enjoy your posts. I read them and come back and reread.

Sultan said...

It is wonderful when I get a chance to leave the city at night and see how clear and wondrous the sky can be.