Thursday, September 23, 2010


Posting preamble. There is not time right now to complete the post I started two days ago. It will be perfect for Friday or Saturday.

Yesterday, forgive me if all this seems like old news, was the full moon and the autumnal equinox. My mother, whose birthday was September 23, used to claim the equinox as her own...what's a day between friends?

And on the day of the full moon and the autumnal equinox, I had a visit from Henry, the hospital dog...Henry and his mom have been trained to do visitation at Cedars/Sinai. I will write more of the visit, with photo of himself, very soon.

Henry is, as his mom describes him, a Buddha. He is an empath; when one is speaking of sad or difficult things, he sighs and rests his chin on the ground. He is fellow of size - 145 pounds - of gentleness and healing in a red fur coat. He and his mom are my blessing, my glorious deliverance as we launch ourselves, full of hope and harvest thoughts, into fall. May the new season open doors to the rooms your heart longs to visit, perhaps rooms in which you will take up residence. The world, as we call it, grows wider every day.


Sultan said...

What a nice canine!

Penelope said...

Thank you for that wish-cum-blessing, Marylinn. Claire and I stood on our heads (and fell about laauughing!)at full moon hour — upside down a novel way to enter those new rooms, we trust.

Kass said...

Love this story of sighing Henry. It does my heart good.

Radish King said...

He is an empath...

As so many animals are. Thank god for them.

Thank you, too.

wv:addorie --I addorie the animals I know.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Laoch - He is simply remarkable.

Penelope - Upside down seems as good a way as any, especially if you have an adequate-or-better sense of balance. I hope the blessing bears fruit.

Kass - Oh, it does my heart good to recall it. The longer posting to come will tell more of his, and his mom's, wonders worked.

Rebecca - You are so welcome. Henry is my first, first-hand experience of this gift, having animal allergies all my life. Angels incognito, or revealing their true identities.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Most of the nursing homes in our area have pets now. It really makes a difference to the people who must reside there, mostly not of their own free will. Those pets add an immeasurable amount of joy and love to people who truly need it.

Sultan said...

Oh, sad note:

Marylinn Kelly said...

Robert - When my son was in the hospital on Christmas, two fine dogs came by - on his unit they weren't allowed into the room - wearing Santa hats and/or a large, red boy. I believe one was a St. Bernard, the other perhaps a spaniel...doesn't matter. Just seeing them cheered us both so much, especially my son. Having spent my time with Henry, I am so grateful that this need - and solution - were somehow acknowledged and addressed. We used top sneak my mother's dog into her nursing home...she had a patio room with an outside door.

Laoch - Oh, that is sad news but I am glad you let me know. Based on his quotes in the article, Harlan has lost none of his fire nor low tolerance for fools. It will be quite the "con," as he says. I hope there is good coverage as follow up. We here wish him all the best. Thank you.

Claire Beynon said...

There are people who believe each one of us would benefit from spending our days in the company of a dog... they are indeed empaths. Lovely to think of Buddha Henry and his Mom coming to visit you, Marylinn. They both sound like special presences.

I love the way you say 'the world, as we call it, grows wider every day.' It's so much closer to the truth than the common dictum 'the world's such a small place!' Here's to breadth and depth and height... and rooms with many doors and windows leading in and out... L, C x

Anonymous said...

the spring equinox moon hung low and red and signalled a huge personal shift for me.

Hope you survived it well.... I want to see henry.

Baxter used to park himself under the massage table for certain clients and when he could, put his paw on some if they needed grounding.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Claire - It was a powerful, unique blessing to have those hours with Henry and his mom. And yes, here is to all you mentioned and our ability to see the openings for what they are. xo

Denise - I will try to post Henry's photo in the next day or so. He is a fine figure of a dog. I am glad to know of the shift presented to you by the equinox. I am not yet sure what it brought to me but will report when it becomes clear. How fine that Baxter could put his paw on those who had become untethered and bring them back. Oh, for such unconfused wisdom.