Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit

Last night we watched Micmacs, the trailer for which follows. Haven't even written the "so long, January" post that was intended for Sunday, Monday at the latest. But when there are such movies to see, other thoughts skip off and hide behind suitcases at the top of the bedroom closet.

This is a new Kelly favorite.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

This looks absolutely fascinating. Subtitles - usually a good indication of a movie worth watching.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - Will you let me know when you see it? I think it will be very much to your liking.

Kass said...

Looks very inventive and fun.

Antares Cryptos said...

Marylinn, already on my list. I'm a big fan of Jeunet's movies, including "Delicatessen". When I first saw the post, I was worried about a spoiler alert. Watching Mr. Fox this weekend.

Parallel thinking; had a long conversation with a friend that these unique and quirky and usually subtitled movies have become too rare.

I'll mail you a recommendation list of some of my usually foreign faves.

P.S. Noticed that you're celebrating the year of the bunny. Hello. :)

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - As with other Jeunet favorites, AMELIE and A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, this has such a distinctive look as well as the inventiveness...and a good amount of humor and humanness.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Antares Cryptos - I will do my best not to be a spoiler, or will have an alert. We haven't seen DELICATESSEN but found MICMACS joyous. Please let me know what you think of MR. FOX. It is so, so Wes Anderson. That would be great, sending a list of foreign faves and I can send some back. Kurosawa? Chinese martial arts and historical? Guillermo Del Toro?

Anonymous said...

Marylinn, I'll be back to comment ;), please check your email.

Antares Cryptos said...

Yes, pleeeeaaase.
Please do mail them if you can. I'm putting a list together and will do the same when I have time.
I can't wait.

Haven't watched Mr. Fox yet, February is busy, but will report as soon as I do :)

Move "Delicatessen" up on your list, you'll enjoy it.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Antares Cryptos - My son - resident guide through movies I would never have heard of - has added DELICATESSEN to our list.

When you've had a chance to see MR. FOX, would you let me know what you think? That will help with other recommendations.