Saturday, January 28, 2012


Your comments to my previous post churned up further thoughts and feelings about feelings, how sometimes I've come to be turned around like the blindfolded, spinning portion of Pin The Tail on the Donkey.

I have, at moments throughout my life, become small with myself: small in spirit, in forgiveness, in compassion. I have been mean and miserly yet also aware that such treatment of one's self might lead to being small with others, an intolerable notion.

We are here, I believe, to enrich, beautify and ease each others' lives by whatever means we can access. (As I write this, it feels familiar, as though I have said it before. I must need to be reminded.) To do so requires that we find our larger (or as a friend describes it, our BIG "S") selves, regardless of how unfamiliar that aspect may be. There is no place for small or narrow.

On this date in history, objects and events of large and expanded natures have been noted. In 1613, it is said that Gallileo may have unknowingly viewed the undiscovered planet Neptune. I choose to count that. Then in 1887 in Fort Keogh, Montana, the world's largest snowflakes were reported, being 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. That definitely registers on the not-small-o-meter.

Here's to more, bigger, kinder, softer; to patient, attentive, indulgent, gentle; to the wider view, the higher road. We do deserve it.


Erin in Morro Bay said...

It is so true that we need to be kind to ourselves first in order to be kind to others. When the oxygen mask drops put in on yourself first and then on your children. There is nothing selfish in taking care of ourselves - there is wisdom and loving kindness.

JeannetteLS said...

Yes, what ERin said! What a wonderful way to deal with what you have been feeling, Marylinn! Both those events linger on the mind. The snowflake. Imagine being a kid and trying to catch THAT on your tongue???

And inadvertently seeing Neptune. That captures some sort of spirit of the adventurer, doesn't it?

I hope the coming week goes gently with you Marylinn.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are allowed to repeat yourself as often as you need to..

I can certainly bear re reading it

so it stays on top of my mind too.

beth coyote said...

It is said that the Dalai Lama didn't understand 'low self-esteem'. There were no words or concepts in Tibetan. Unlearning self-hatred is one of the most loving things we can ever do.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Erin - I do think of the oxygen mask metaphor. What we once learned, we can unlearn. Love, the universal truth. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Jeanette - Thank you, the week seems to have a fine start. How to sustain, in fairly large measure, a sense of joy, wonder, expansiveness, of there being enough of what is needed and wanted, of patience and an assignment, it fills the mind. And yes, adventure. Wishing you a week of what you desire. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Denise - I know there are themes, or A theme, to this blog and I trust there are others who will not mind the repetition. Thank you. How can we have too many thoughts of love? xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Beth - Things to unlearn and the time in which to do so. Awareness always catches me by surprise. Peaceful co-existence with the world and self, I could not have imagined. xo

37paddington said...

i have been reading along. you stir such ponderings in me, and i find i can't quite put into words what is being stirred so i remain silent. it is good, though, the little shocks of recognition at what you say, the soul depths you explore here, the inevitability that we evolve. so i just wanted to say i am here. evolving. and thank you.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Angella - It is so good to know you are there, evolving. Unless we really get in our own way, it is difficult to do otherwise. I really do believe we are all on the same journey. Thank you. xo