Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun stuff, some of it free

These bright gems are Creative Imaginations' glittering watercolor paint pots called Twinkling H2Os.  Some of them are part of a generous prize I won last fall in a product giveaway drawing on their blog.  They seemed a suitable Valentine follow-up to last week's post about color.

If you enjoy the chance to win free stuff,  shoplet.com has a weekly giveaway and never-ending array of the most creative office products from around the world, including these vinyl documents folders from recyclart.org.

When 45s were objects of desire, weekly allowance spent at the record shop, favorites toted to slumber parties in the plastic-handled faux-leather case intended for just that purpose, who would have guessed (a) they'd ever become obsolete or (b) be turned into imaginative, retro desk-top art.

If you fall into the "certain age" category, what was your all-time favorite single?

Happy Valentine's Day.


JeannetteLS said...

Love, love me Do--the Beatles. I was, I think, 13, tops. By the time I hit high school, we cared about ALBUMS, not 45s. We were, like, sophisticated by then.

When I was littler, though, I like the MONSTER MASH.

As I said... sophisticated.

Rubye Jack said...

I remember those little records - 45s, yes. But, I don't remember a favorite. Now, albums I remember, but as for a favorite there were simply too many -- the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Joplin, Hendrix, the Eagles, on and on and on.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I remember one sunny Saturday walking up to the Fairview Mall to Sam the Record Man and buying...The Jackson Five's "I want you back"....99cents!

Erin in Morro Bay said...

Had to be "She Loves You" by the Beatles. The first of many 45's I owned. I mowed the front lawn for my brother to earn the money to get it.
I remember Saturday afternoons walking to the library and then out to the new shopping center to the record store and picking out a precious 45 to bring home. Now my music is all on my computer and my mp3 player - who'd have ever guessed?

Marylinn Kelly said...


Thank you for your responses. Once there was more money, albums were the thing, but a favorite song, back in my elementary school days, for 50 cents, hard to beat. The last single I wanted madly was "The One Who Really Loves You" by Mary Wells, heard on the radio during Easter vacation and no record stores had it yet.