Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BoBo Babushka interprets Wes Anderson

I planned a post for today, jumping off with the Criterion Collection edition of Wes Anderson's DARJEELING LIMITED.  Searching for a colorful image on Google, I found Irene of BoBo Babushka and her sets of (among others)  Wes Anderson nesting dolls and I think I've forgotten my name.  I know I've forgotten anything else that was on my mind this morning.  This is serious art love.

Just the beginning.  Find the Darjeeling boys here.

Then, on her BoBo Babushka Facebook page (please go and LIKE or leave a message, appreciation makes us all, artists in particular, happy ) I found Team Zissou from Anderson's THE LIFE AQUATIC.

I think I was going to recommend the Criterion edition - for their attention to detail in the transfer, the extras, their knowing what fanboys and fangirls want most from their favorite movies.  Then I turned a corner or my attention was diverted and I found myself in alternate reality, the best part being it IS/they ARE real, I am not dreaming and with bountiful discretionary funds, I could order these wonders from Irene's etsy shop, link found on her blog.  For those of you who get out to the picture show, she also has characters from Anderson's newest, MOONRISE KINGDOM.

I was also going to mention that right now, for how much longer I don't know, the Barnes and Noble website has Criterion titles on special.

For reasons now grown dim, I somehow connected the Darjeeling brothers with a phrase jabbing at me - inventory.  Not the "searching and fearless moral inventory" of the 12-step programs, just inventory, the naming of what is.  I believe it was going to be a list of assets and not deficiencies, though that was naturally my first thought but since we have stacks of those on file here, going back as far as recorded time, it seemed redundant, counter-productive.

Some mornings, just because I'm me and no Beagle Boy has tiptoed in to abscond with any of my baggage during the night , I start out, if not gloomy, at least a bit flat.  This, for no reason I can name, was such a morning.  Right away, I wished for some inner oomph to turn it around.  Instead, outer oomph arrived in note form from a long-time friend.  Then there were reminders about living a remarkable life in a conventional world and then I found the dolls, specific down to the smiling skull and crossbones on the cobra's box, the bandages and the deceased father's sunglasses perched atop a head.

My inventory will keep; I trust none of us is holding any breath waiting for it to appear.  I'd much rather bask in serendipity, remembering I live in a world that some may call conventional but I see, when my head is not someplace it doesn't belong, as magical.   Thank you, Irene. 


Lisa H said...

what a fantastic find! times like these I'm SO grateful for people who boldly step out on a limb, all the while exclaiming:

"...wouldn't it be cool IF....?"

Marylinn Kelly said...

Lisa - I could not believe the luck, finding her and her art. Boy, wouldn't it be cool IF is right. A happy day. xo