Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once in a very blue moon

Today (still Thursday in California) would have been my cousin Sheri's 64th birthday.  Her stained glass sun, created from a sketch of mine, is next to me in the dining room window every day as I write.  This afternoon South Pasadena had showers, then a thunderstorm, then pouring rain for more than half an hour.  After four weeks of heat and humidity and not a drop of the oft-mentioned "monsoonal flow" through our neighborhood, it was as fitting a birthday gift as I could imagine.  The LA Times this morning reported that in the past two days, New Orleans had an inch more rain than Los Angeles for its entire so-called rainy season.  Living in a thinly disguised desert, I view rain as a blessing, welcome it, especially when not predicted.

On the 31st, we can all frolic beneath the blue moon, the last until 2015.   Do we make a wish, plan a ceremony, eat cupcakes as an artist friend has announced?  It seems we are being called to watch the sky, even if just for a day.  I tend to watch it rather more often than that.  A rare summer storm may signify nothing, as may the blue moon of song and story.  Regardless, both are happenings outside the ordinary which remind me how fond I am of that which falls beyond the ordinary. 


Kerry O'Gorman said...

I've always loved this Nanci Griffith song and the fact of blue moons...ours was already quite impressive last night. Lot's of lovely blue shadows everywhere.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kerry - Glad to know our playlists are still in sync. I was so delighted with the rain I forgot to pay attention to what the moon was doing. I'll try to notice tonight. xo

Jayne said...

You've been busy this month, Marylinn! I've just been catching up w/you on Reader. Our blue moon, here in New England is has a veil of Teletubbies-shaped clouds drifting beneath its glow. It's a precious sight tonight.

By the way, I have 2 Rosa Mira Books , and they are both wonderful, as is Penelope! I'm so sorry I missed her promotion--have spent most of the summer away from cyberspace. It's good be back back here this evening. :)

Marylinn Kelly said...

Jayne - Glad you are back. I believe if you wished, Penelope might extend her drawing-with-purchase offer. It would be worth asking. When I can figure how to format my original to fit into my blog, I will share Ratty at his finest with everyone. Your New England moon does sound dreamy. xo