Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shrinky Dink-esque

This dolly was waiting for me in a jewelry box as I searched for a pair of earrings to interrupt the predictable sameness of small gold hoops. 

She is shrink art, created as I remember by transferring (with a Xylene marker?) a photocopied illustration to the white opaque shrink plastic, cutting the image out with scissors,  punching tiny holes to attach the beaded drops, then shrinking it, probably in my regular oven of that time.
More recent, as in the last few years, samples, drawn freehand with a very fine Sharpie on pre-sanded Rough and Ready shrink plastic, colored with color pencils, cut out and heated.  I made shrink art for years, starting sometime in the 90s, each piece original, hand-drawn, and showcased by Joan Bunte, owner of Stamp Your Heart Out in her annual trunk show just before the holidays.  The photos I have of those elaborate early pieces don's translate to digital and all the pins are gone, scattered among wonderful customers around the country.  Finding the transfer sample reminded me (I seem to need a lot of that lately and thank goodness it shows up) this was and very well could be again a thing.  If only the list of things weren't so long.

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