Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thinking stuff up

Artist, Gabriel Pacheco.
The job of sitting and thinking stuff up can be easily mistaken for sloth, which it resembles uncannily.

An arranger of words, a former of thin lines on paper does not always have busy hands.  That many of my thoughts are bestowed as gifts in the middle of the night gives me more breathing room during the day.  My hands have assignments.  I am not visibly idle.

There is a necessarily solitary aspect to being someone whose job is to sit and think stuff up.  It is not a task completed by committee.  It rarely benefits from outside suggestions.  It is organic, all-or-nothing.  It loathes hearing anyone say, on any topic, "But couldn't you just..."  No, I couldn't.  If I could, I would.
Artist, Pablo Auladell.
At the same time, having the job, for pay or as a volunteer, of sitting and thinking stuff up could be the best job there is.  I've never had one that suited me any better and I've had some jobs that I would say were near-perfect matches, though the sock-counting in department stores was not among them.  No restrictions. no boundaries, just application of the contemplative's long-held traditions.

Some days are easier than others.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are the next Pooh bear - ever thought of that?

He was wonderful at pondering.
Thanks for your visit..I aways love your little shiny gems of wisdom, and the deep reflective posts on your blog..

Marylinn Kelly said...

Denise - Pooh Bear, I can think of no higher calling, thank you for that. You do not tackle the easy things over there, with your studio assistants keeping the home fires lit. All I can say is, with us (and our studio assistants) ready to go toe-to-toe with most grim beasts, the demons may want to think twice. Stay fierce. Much love. xo

Jen Worden said...

I lost you. now I found you. yay!

and yes! to pondering looking very much like sloth. ruminating is antithesis of the much touted "too busy" of today. which I totally don't buy into. pondering allows one to take the slow road. thank goodness!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Jen - Yay! all around. Realizing that pondering is not just an inclination but an actual mandate from the universe (I'm not kidding), it's a long story, makes it feel a bit less like a horribly scratchy sweater knitted by the relative who just happened always to forget your allergy to wool. The "too busy" caravan stopped by here and left, quickly, in dismay. Viva the slow road. I know all the words to WEST SIDE STORY. Good to see you and thanks. xo

Janie McKeever said...

Sloths have adorable little smiling faces and Pooh is a delight. Both of these seem to be well suited to you.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Jane - Thank you, yes, I am good terms with both. We see the world in our own ways, don't we? xo