Monday, April 27, 2015

Word of the Week - 60

Artist, Troy Brooks.
Word of the Week:  RED

I left you notes on pages from old ledgers, tucked into manilla coin envelopes with your name, "Red," written with a brush-tip pen after practicing over and over, getting the lines just thin enough here, thick enough there so it mimicked Copperplate which I haven't quite had time to master.

The correspondence couldn't be called anything but mash notes, professions of love from the moonstruck, the spellbound, the captivated fan.  We couldn't date in any usual sense though I would be so proud to escort any of your manifestations anywhere.  I've worn you as a scarf, a zippered and  hooded sweater, ballet flats, a Norma Kamali shirtwaist with shoulder pads and side-seam pockets.  You've become my favorite shade of lipstick and I'd still choose you for lingerie, just another eccentricity.  My response is Pavlovian when I see you in a painting not seen before, in a newly-designed couture gown, in exotic textiles.  You make me want a pair of Converse hi-tops and the shorty coat I had in 1963, the one with big buttons and deep patch pockets.  For you I would wear nail polish.
To the best of my detective ability,  I think the art is by femme hesse.
Because of you, mostly, Valentine's Day remains a dreamy holiday.  Red roses rock, ditto cinnamon red hots.  Without you, romance would be a sad, pallid business.  Dear Red, Do you even know how hot you are? Sound of sizzling, followed by a tango.
Silk painting by Alice Vegrova.


Kass said...

You are in love with so many things, I'm happy to see that 'red' is one of them.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - It is one of the top things. It may be what made me realize I am in love with so many things. I believe that is our assignment, be in love with as much as possible. xo

Kass said...

You continue to inspire me.

Write a book.

You could, you know (not that I don't appreciate your blogging).

It would be the brightest, most beautiful thing, full of poetry, pictures and inspiration.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - You are so dear, thank you. My brother, who lives in Australia, wrote to say this post was one that needs to be "in the book." He has been urging and encouraging me for a few years now about compiling certain posts. I resist self-publishing, it doesn't feel like the right answer. The thought of how this might happen is always there. I will save your words as they inspire me. xo

Claire Beynon said...

You continue to inspire me, too, Marylinn. I love your passion for red. And you know I think you already have a book and a publisher out (t)here about to discover your writing. . . Your book would - as your writing here does - bring beauty, wisdom and encouragement to all who encounter it.
Love and thanks (and Hello, Kass) xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Claire - Thank you for your comments, so well timed. I wish for (long for, actually) publishing and some income that I don't have to track down and try to convince. I think I have reached the age at which that holds no appeal, for that sort of relentless foot work, practiced in another life, would embezzle from the time and energy I require for stillness and to do my work. I have such affection for my little blog, all that it teaches me, all the opportunities it offers. From your lips to God's ear. xo