Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oh do slow down

Big Sur coastline.

I suggest we draw lines (analog, fountain pen lines) through everything that is irrelevant in this moment, which would include all that is not beautiful, pleasing, life-affirming, heart-warming and encouraging.  Let us take a moment or more to trust in the good outcome, to trust in the goodness of right now, no matter what.  Those of us who have attained a certain age remember there was a time when we believed we could change the world.  It is too soon to let go of that belief, whether we are the brave Hobbits who venture forth or their parents or grandparents.  While there is breath, it is never too late.

My ultimate happy place is on the rocky coast of California, looking out on fog or the sea from anywhere in Big Sur.  No one will convince me there are not places of magic on this planet and I know Big Sur is one of them.  In geography, in our own minds, so much more is possible than we allow ourselves to believe.  That so often it appears the world has gone completely sideways does not make it the whole truth. 

I can do just one thing at a time and even that I do slowly.  I've saved a seat next to me on the patio at Nepenthe.  The fog waits just offshore.  Bring your sweater.  We will watch the sun until it is out of sight.


Elizabeth said...

This is a lovely post and perfect for my Sunday night. Thank you. And I agree with wholeheartedly about Big Sur.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elizabeth - Thank you. I imagine when you returned home everything was going full-tilt. Sunday nights need to be about slow and quiet, else how can we prepare for the week? I believe if I had been a world traveler, Big Sur would remain without peer. xo

michelle ward said...

Marylinn, love listening to the song while reading your wise words. I'm already feeling relaxed and regular breathing has resumed after a mini-anxiety-attack prompted by reading my schedule for the week. Sloooowing down is perfect advice for today, and everyday. Thank you. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Michelle - I can only imagine your schedule, not unlike mine once upon a time. Which is exactly why this is where I now reside. "It either will or won't happen" has become one of my mottoes, for it is the truth. Do please be very gentle with yourself. If the world ends because we didn't get to the laundry, oh well. Keep on groovin. Thank you. xo