Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sketchy business

My neglected sketchbooks.  I'm bringing bits of them into the light to affirm how much the practice of working in them matters, how the fact that I lose track of adding to them for months (longer?) is no measure of anything other than time.  We know my slippery relationship with time.

If there is a message here, a lesson, the one I wish to hold onto is infinite patience with myself and my peculiar ways of living life as a human, here and now.  I will assume that for all my misgivings about myself and way of being that is not identifiable as perfection in any hemisphere, that I am not doing it wrong.

It is all pretty much the vast maze created in the cornfield, the one from which paying customers have to be rescued by people with maps.  Only there are no people with actual maps, just their best guesses based on how they make it through.   We've never been here before, none of this has been here before in exactly this way.  The only old rules which apply have to do with love, kindness and, yes, patience.  I am not entirely lost in the  maze.  I'm not afraid, for in any given moment, I do know where I am.  I am here and if I don't thrash and fuss I am okay.  The next moment will take care of itself.


Melissa Green said...

WE know where you are, and take daily delight in you, in the words you look for and find, in the articulated thoughts that help guide those of us who listen and understand and believe and follow them, and you. All is unfolding as it should. You are where you are meant to be. It will all come to pass in serene and beautiful order. It is not a hectic, frantic maze but a labyrinth of prayer. You are not lost. You are making a way where there was no passage before. And we are gratefully behind you. xoxo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Melissa - The screen door slams (as Springsteen sings), a friend enters, takes my hand and all is well. I will trust what you tell me for I am not always able to see it. Thank you. xoxo

Kass said...

Wonderful sketches. Delightful.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - Thank you. Kind and cheering words on a bright Monday morning. xoxo