Monday, October 5, 2015

Word of the Week - 83

A trek in Tibet.
Word(s) of the Week:  THE HIGH ROAD

Among the things I have come to know or believe, one is that the high road is never a wrong choice.  Any harsh words I can manage not to speak, any uncharitable thought I can dilute, any action I can take that leans more toward kindness gives me hope for myself and for all of us.  The high road comes with strong visual support.  I can see the forked path, one descending into shadow, miasma and murk, the other rising to fresh air (albeit possibly thin air) and sunshine.  If we are gullible in our kindness, what is the harm?  I know I will survive being a fool.  It is not my job to figure out the motives of others as an excuse to behave ungenerously.  Add this to the list of daily practices that I endeavor to include.  Luckily, what we seek is progress, not perfection.


Kass said...

This was a slightly difficult post to read because of my codependent need to 'please' or take the 'high road' with people who are borderline or full-blown narcissists. For years I have struggled with how to balance my need to have boundaries and my desire to be spiritually acceptable. I have been harmed by being gullible and kind. I have diluted and managed my reactions to the point of being trampled on. It's true, the unkind word can be avoided, but the challenge for me has been to walk away. The instances when Jesus told people to "go and sin no more" have the important word "GO in them. My tendency has been to stick around and let people sin all over me. I do get the gist of your message, I just took it down a personally challenging path.

Elisabeth said...

The high road, the morally superior one is such a danger, as you say Marylinn. Let's opt for the low road together. All that kindness goes a long way. So glad to find your blog again.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - I understand. We and our circumstances are unique and only we can determine what is the right, the comfortable and true path for us. I am one of billions of struggling humans who has spent too many years feeling at odds with myself and others, their actions. Peace comes to us over time, if we are lucky, with many losses along the way. We are not meant to be victims. For me, the high road, or whatever one might call it, is an ideal and its purpose is my own quiet mind. Walking away from what is intolerable is very much a part of it. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elisabeth - I'm happy to see you here. I'm not sure if we are talking at cross purposes, the high or low roads. In the end, it is the kindness that matters, however we arrive at it. xo