Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sitting here waiting for it to be February

Embroidered, beaded "love token" from World War I.  Thank you, DIY Fashion Sense for this and other heart projects generously shared at this blog.
A traditional Sailors' Valentine.
As I briefly ponder the notion of romantic love, hearts and cacti seem like dance partners.  Thus it makes sense that heart-shaped pincushions were popular souvenir items and intricate - spiny - shell assemblages were called Sailors' Valentines.  The course of true love and all that.

It is almost February.  Together with my often-mentioned fondness for red is an equally powerful preference for things shaped like hearts, both of which may be celebrated with abandon, at least until Feb. 14.  Even longer if we are procrastinators with good excuses.

If nostalgia were visible like fog or could make the eyes smart like a too-strong cologne, you would know when I was in the neighborhood.  I drift backward with almost no prompting.  Unlike some months, which for me could be March, May, and possibly August when I don't remember Big Things happening, February is filled with memories.  For the fortunate among us, birthday months are associated with celebration, with receiving welcome attention, with gifts.  Rain, school holidays and a world swathed in pink and red for a paper crafters' dream event conspire to make it the perfect little month.  This is just a shout-out to February, an old and dear friend.  Our adventures have been many.
Color version of Albertine Randall Wheelan's illustration, reproduced by Green Tiger Press.
Native American beadwork souvenir pincushion.  (no source)


Anonymous said...

Every year I say I'm going to make Valentine's, but I never do. Maybe this year... (laughs).

Marylinn Kelly said...

Hilary! - My favorite lima bean. I am so happy to see you here and thank you for adding me to your roster. I'm giving myself credit for mailing out the Christmas postcards I had printed, in UNdecorated envelopes, but still. There is yet hope for Valentine's Day. At least this morning I found my red stamp pads. Let's call it progress. Wishing you all the best in your new home. xoxo

Kass said...

I love the pillow and the bear.
I wish I thought I was going to make something elaborate for my grandchildren this Valentines, but alas, I probably won't.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - Are your grandchildren nearby? Do you ever do crafts together? No surprise, I have always loved making Valentine's cards, even when very young. And just saying, Valentine cookies are always welcome. I'd like to recreate a version of the love token pillow, perhaps even a very small one. We still have 2 weeks, more or less, and hope. xo