Monday, May 30, 2016

Word of the Week - 117

Subhead:  Blog post 901.  Milestone noted.

Word of the Week: IMPOSSIBLE

I never dreamed, or more accurately, I never thought ahead to where writing a blog might take me.  It has brought me here, of all impossible things.  Consistency over time, a subject which, were it a class in school, I believe I'd be failing.  And not only consistency but the incomparable pleasure of it.  I resist counting as best I can for I believe so much of value is unquantifiable.  And yet.

Fairly early in my association with RubberMoon Stamps, I drew a simple image that says


The stamp remains part of the collection and is more true, at least for me, than it was nearly 20 years ago when it debuted.  I find there is room for impossibilities to take up residence when I stop doing limiting things.  Fixed notions, fear, worry, narrow vision, pessimism, such thoughts must be surrendered before the impossible feels safe enough to remove its disguise and knock on the door.

Welcoming the impossible seems to be a matter of allowing, getting out of the way so it has room and time to work.  It is a highly independent agent, resisting invitation while surpassing any secretly held expectations.  Its greatest delight seems to be our astonishment.  When it arrives, make note of the circumstances, write a sentence on the calendar, use an exclamation point, tell your friends, give thanks.  Be a grateful and gracious recipient.  It will likely visit again.

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