Sunday, March 26, 2017

Word of the Week - 159

Art by Michael Sowa.
Word of the Week:  GIFT

I assume we each retain possession of a child's delight upon receiving a gift, especially when it arrives as a surprise.  What a bonanza this week when a friend sent not only the newest version of the FLOW BOOK FOR PAPER LOVERS (300 pages of paper-paper-and more paper, the subject of a future post) and her copy of SOWA'S ARK, a collection of creatures which inhabit the imagination of German artist Michael Sowa.
One of Sowa's many rabbit illustrations.
A Sowa snail of intimidating size.
Thank you, Elaine, for the multi-part joy, first the arrival, then the opening and now the ongoing enjoyment of the rich contents.  In my family, we called such surprises "Hi presents."  Thoughtful, generous and such fun to receive.

If you are interested, the book is available from Amazon, here.


Elsewhere said...

Ha! You've discovered Sowa! He is absolutely wonderful. Rabbits, hares and also birds are my favorites. I have the book Estherhazy (in German), of which he is one of the contributers.
So sweet.
enjoy your ongoing gifts!

Elsewhere said...

PS also this link... ;-)
It appears that the real link adress isn't given, only 'here.' Good luck with fixing it, I'm a nitwit in computers, sorry!

Radish King said...

This book made me laugh right out in bedroom and brought me to tears more than once. And Els! I thought of you too.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rebecca - I am SO glad you found this and treated yourself to the book. It is hard to say which illustration I love the most. xo