Monday, July 8, 2013

Ooh ooh, child

This morning the physical therapist said I was a brave woman.

This week my brother will see his band mates from the 70s.  I wish them a transcendent reunion.

A woman I admire as a poet and fellow human has been invited to read her work at Dartmouth.

My long-lost nearly-twin is about to have her second memoir published by Rosa Mira Books. 

Retirement and travel grow ever closer for my favorite co-conspirator a la THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT.  Our target was in WEST SIDE STORY.  We were very good stalkers back in the day.  Helped to live near Hollywood.

The two writers who live here are working at their craft.  One of them (not I) has even been printing his out.

In spite of brutal heat, too-thin air and a disorientingly bright sky, a sister-in-art-and-humor was able to spend her son's birthday with him.

So many great versions of this, how to choose - compare and contrast.  xo


Lisa H said...

that's it. You brought me to tears......oh, AND my day is made.
You are indeed the bravest of the Brave and my Hero. Always.

Radish King said...

1. Oh my gosh The World Of Henry Orient was freaking pivotal in my growing up - in my dream making factory - the ability to dream and for years I couldn't remember the name of the movie but the feel of it was with me forever and my love for New York city has never left then a few years ago I remembered or ran across the name and re-watched the movie and got the same twinges of adventure. So happy to find him here.

2. heeheee THANK YOU. (The reading still seems very dream-like to me even as I prepare.)

Marylinn Kelly said...

Lisa - You, there, in the too thin air, why is it that we don't have wings? Even if we flew too close to the sun (not all that far for you) we would have risen. Thank you. xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Rebecca - T.W.O.H.O. was made in the days when every b&w movie promised New York was our dream destination. My co-conspirator was FROM there, from the Village, transplanted to Pasadena - can you imagine? The movie came out after our exploits and of course we knew it was about us. This would be a good day for a flat, conical Henry Orient hat for no reason at all. So glad you found him. Yes, you are going to Dartmouth. xo