Monday, October 5, 2009

Not exile, simply absence

There are stretches of time when the words...well, they do arrive but not, apparently, for the printed page. If I could say where I've been for the past two months I would tell you. Perhaps the best word would be...processing. Should any of you be experiencing a period of being between stations, I would like to hear of it.

Within a few days - after some art deadlines have been met - I will do my best to return to this space with, one can but hope, phrases that are precise enough to please me and clear enough so that anyone who doesn't live in my head will understand.

If any readers remain after so much time, thank you. I am just happy that I haven't used the lack of postings as one of those Big Sticks which have left bruises for much of my life. Goodbye Big Stick, good riddance. Writing will happen when it does.


Jen said...

"...between stations"

Sums up perfectly where I am. Thank you. Again! xo

sf said...


Anonymous said...

hi Marylinn,

I have hd a blog drought, a blog block, a lack of bloggy molecules too.

Finishing a huge project kinda sucked the marrow from my bones and frankly, is so much t than blathering on about crap in an effort to fill some internal void.

guess what.. the void still gapes.

I am here... reading.

Better still you have been put on my blog roll.