Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rocket Girl

I am very fond of the moon. Many situations cause me to think of the moon...it serves ably as symbol, metaphor, object, force. With regard to my "between stations" circumstance, I think of rockets and the fuel they require to lift them beyond Earth's gravitational pull and have a sense that it takes at least as much power to free us of old ways of being and doing. This seemingly long ante-chamber wait on fidget-producing chairs is the voyage away - we couldn't have slept through this part, could we? - and our own semi-willingness to return to the familiar, however inappropriate or destructive or simply over it may be, has moments when it seems preferable to having been launched toward...who knows what.

So I imagine the booster engines falling away, the final burst carrying us out beyond the reach of any hands that would pull us back - too late now - followed by the drift which trust alone tells us will place us into a wholly new orbit. Too bad no one asked - or mentioned - just how long the drift would last.

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Erin Perry said...

The moon - I think I was in junior high when I really first discovered moonlight. I remember being awake late at night, the rest of the house inslumber, and for some unknown reason my window blind was up. The bedcvoers were flooded with this silvery,unearthy light. I was fastcinated - I still am. I love being awake at 4:00 in the morning and looking out towards the ocean and seeing the light of a full moon spilling its bounty on the water. It fills me with a sense of power,of creativity, of beauty. Probably explains why my nearest and dearest sometimes refers to me as her "little looney"! Good to have you back - and don't worry, we all wait and check in daily, knowing that you will return and it will be worth the "between".
Erin in Morro Bay