Monday, April 12, 2010

Cue the singer...

When I posted the LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE entry on April 10, I had considered including a favorite song from a musical of the era under discussion. After listening several times to the version which I found - and additionally hearing it sung by Scott Bakula on an episode of BOSTON LEGAL (what are the odds?) the next night - I decided to share it. The song, "Once Upon A Time," is from the Broadway show, ALL-AMERICAN. The song has been recorded by, among others, Jack Jones (the version here), Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Tony Bennett. Just a reminder that a play need not be a hit (it closed after 80 performances) to have enduring music. And my thanks to sirpaopao for the use of his video.

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Lisa Hoffman said...

Bringing back the schmaltz!!!
Great way to start the day. I feel so 60's ish!