Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Candy Machine Turned Guerrilla Gardening Dispenser @greenUPGRADER

Friday night's local tv news and the Home section of Saturday's LA TIMES presented a story about guerrilla gardeners with a new, accessible way to beautify vacant urban spaces around Los Angeles. By modifying old candy dispensing machines, L.A. designers Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud, with San Francisco landscape architect David Fletcher, offer passers-by the chance, for 25 cents, to purchase and distribute seed bombs. The balls, which come in three mixes formulated for different habitats, are a combination of soil and seed and are meant to be tossed, guerrilla-style into bare and unlovely patches of earth. Called Greenaid, the concept calls for 10 of the dispensing machines to be installed by mid-May. The first is located in L.A.'s Chinatown. For further details, background and photos, here is the link. And to all guerrilla beautifiers of our cities, including a blog-pal knitter in Australia, thank you.
Vintage Candy Machine Turned Guerrilla Gardening Dispenser @greenUPGRADER

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michelle ward said...

mk - i am so behind...lots to catch up on here. i can't even begin to read because i will slip into the wonderful vortex so i am saving it until i can come back with a cup of coffee after i finish my taxes. love to you. i'll be back!