Monday, December 22, 2014

Word of the Week - 42

Van Morrison sings "Caravan" from the Martin Scorsese documentary THE LAST WALTZ.  Van the Man.  Wholehearted.  Not a lukewarm performance to be found in the whole blessed movie. 

Word of the Week - ARDENT

It is the Solstice night as I write this, time of the new moon, beginning of the return of the light.  We have been reminded throughout the day about setting our minds to new ways of being, of doing.  If we remain or become ardent, how can we go wrong.  Ardent, fervent, passionate.  Aflame, unbounded, electric, aglow, burning.

Music and musicians, color and color and color.  Tepid is not the temperature we require to carry us across winter's dark expanse.  Caliente, all spice and tang, flavor and, again, color.  We cannot find our way by candles too dim.  What we need is emphatic, even extreme.  We will not melt our own frozen beliefs without turning up the heat.  Our rigid joints will not loosen without a glow that matches the sun.
If luggage can be ardent, here it is.
Yes, I covet this vintage English watercolor box.  I covet it ardently.
Oh, fortunate possessor.
Oaxaca pillows.
On the longest night of the year, even Los Angeles yearns for a hearth with warming flames.  Heat in its dazzling manifestations expands us, will not let us shrink nor be less than we are.


michelle ward said...

I am always warmed by your words MK. And now I have energy to ardently finish my list. XO

Marylinn Kelly said...

Michelle - Thank you. Let us ardently sail forth into the jollyness of Christmas. Hope you complete your list. Wishing you all a splendid holiday. xo

Elizabeth said...

Oh, gosh. I love that scene in The Last Waltz and adore Van. He, along with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, make up my Holy Trinity.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Elizabeth - Yes, an ardent yes. xo

Barbara said...

Van the Man. You've done it again. My spirits soar when you post him, and then I must go listen to more. The very fact that I was 2 years old on the day he was born, pleases me. Every year on my birthday, I call my radio deejay. and he plays Into the Mystic for me and Van.

I am ardently facing new ways and possibilities.

Oh, I too love that watercolor set, and the gorgeous artwork the owner of it makes.

Merry Christmas Marylinn.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Barbara - Merry Christmas and year-long happiness for the birthday you and Van share (I am envious.) It always cheers me to post his music as well, even or especially "On Raglan Road" with the Chieftans, but then, any other, too. Cool that your deejay salutes you with "Into the Mystic." And that watercolor set, I KNOW. Celebrate the holiday, please, with fervor. xo