Monday, September 7, 2015

Word of the Week - 79

All illustrations by Wolf Erlbruch.
Word of the Week:  CREATURES

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."    Albert Einstein

As I wrote this over the weekend, I believe experts are still trying to find again, then free a blue whale off the coast of Los Angeles who became tangled in fishing line.  To see the aerial footage of this 75-foot example of Earth's largest creature in our local waters is a remarkable experience, even from the comfort of the living room.  The rescue team admits they have no blue whale experience, they don't know what the response may be to divers swimming close.

Hopping from nature to the world of art, I am enchanted by those who turn to the animal, insect, etc. kingdoms for inspiration.  Last winter I found the work of felting artist Celestine and the Hare, her creatures and her humor which now brighten every day of my life.  The list of illustrators who have charmed me over a lifetime would take days to compile.  For now, I'll share the art of Wolf Erlbruch whose animals and others bring joy.   Mister Finch creates arachnids and lepidoptera of unusual size to help populate our imaginations.  Ceramic artist Midori Takaki has mastered the art of tapirs and softly-glazed polar bears.

I marvel at the ways in which the world can be both large and small simultaneously.  The great blue whale and the statistic that perhaps only 5% of ocean life has even been identified, side by side with great silliness in a tiny package.  Fall in love with as much as possible.  It is all so miraculous.
The felted art of Celestine and the Hare made weasel a household word.

A moth in vintage fabric from Mister Finch.
Ceramic tapirs by Midori Takaki.


Kass said...

Oh, the felted creatures......
I'm in love.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Kass - They are so filled with personality and love, you can scarcely imagine. My sister has generously sent me several and it is as though I've known them since childhood. And do read the posts at Celestine. She makes me laugh out loud every day. And just wait until you see what she comes up with for the holidays. Last year's Nortivity pageant changed my life. Enjoy. xo

Alyce said...

I love that..."fall in love with as much as possible. It's all so miraculous." I will. Thank you!!!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Alyce - Thank you. And it is so much fun, so much to embrace. Have a wonderful time of it. xo

Melissa Green said...

Our dear Marylinn, exhorting us to believe in magic before we can see it--and then shows it to us. All these lovely creatures deserve our affection, our respect, and the artists who create their likenesses deserve our attention and delight. You bring us so much of the goodness of the world, Marylinn, of the joy, of the purity of childhood that, excuse me, they will try to eviscerate but in no way needs to be left behind. You remind us of the magic that we carry in us, if we let it flourish--and magic calls to miracle, and the blessed creatures of Einstein's imagination are real, and need our care, our affection, and every bit of our love. Thank you for bringing so much delight--Celestine's norty weasels and gang, Mr. Finch's animalarium--oh there is so much to cherish in the work of people's hands! xo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Melissa - Thank you for always finding the heart and mind and soul of the matter. And thank you. Are we not rich in wonder, overflowing with abundance, our ways illuminated by the work of those hands? Yours very much among them. xo