Monday, May 2, 2016

Word of the Week - 113

Hello, May.  Word(s) of the Week: IT WILL BE OKAY (forgive wonky paragraphs, please, for the iPad would only let me scroll down so far)

Recently I heard a description of core values in three words:  JOY, MINDFULNESS and COMPASSION.  That I can't remember the source goes with the territory.  I do remember this much, that I agreed with them.  Life has, and takes, every opportunity to turn our hearts hard, shrinking them to rock-like nuggets that resist chewing, chipping and melting.  This is not the right answer.

For myself, my son and all of us for whom recent circumstances appeared, however briefly, to be heading south, don't believe it.  How a thing looks or seems and what it actually is are galaxies apart.  What do we know, really?  Old fears, ancient beliefs, tell us their version of truth.  In order to prevail, we must turn away from such defeating thoughts.  Here is how I pictured it today: my mind is the hysterical quasi-friend whose hair is always on fire.

Take a moment for tears or terror, then, in the absence of an answer, let it go.  My son has said to me so many times, "It will be okay.  We'll be okay."  And we're still here.  It is not a hollow promise but a knowing.  It is trust.  Into the midst of these musings came a phone call, it has been a good season for those.  The caller and I have history spanning some 46 years, or near to it.  That often the simple sound of the other's voice makes us laugh reminds me, not that I had forgotten, what good medicine this is.  Love is the vein of gold we strike when seeking our fortunes, here on this swiftly tilting planet.  It continues to take me by surprise, which makes its worth that much greater. It may not all be exactly how or what we thought we wanted when we set out to conquer the world or at least grow a ribbon-worthy patch of giant pumpkins or towering hollyhocks, here by our feet.  Regardless, it will be okay.


Melissa Green said...

Yes, Marylinn, wisdom of the ages. We don't know, we have to trust our not knowing. 'It will be okay' is a comforting thought. We fear we must fret, stew, harangue, bite our nails, tear out our thinning hair in response to things that haven't happened yet. We can't know what's going to happen. It's a delusion. What we can know is that, for now, we are still here--which is saying a very great deal, as you know I know. We are still here, and as Julian of Norwich wrote centuries ago, "All will be well. All will be well. All manner of things will be well." xoxo

Marylinn Kelly said...

Melissa - Quick, to the datebook to write the words of Julian of Norwich, without which I would likely forget his name. Yes, all manner of things. Thank you. xo